NORCHA is an adventure race, born to satisfy lovers of extreme sports and survival. We want to offer to all the participants an unforgettable experience in Portugal that allows them to expand their horizons, in a harmonious relationship with themselves, with others, and with the environment.


The Concept

In life, the contact with new realities is a constant.

We believe that adventure implies adaptation to new situations, and therefore, the whole event is surrounded by suspanse and information will be revealed gradually fulfilling with this spirit.

Because the North guides us and our compass points us to the adventure, we decided to leave our comfort zone, and create a sports event to overcome human limits, in which we focus simultaneously on the team's objective and in the empowerment of the surrounding environment conditions.

The result? It is the result of the control of the physiological changes / reactions of our organism, the ability to overcome our limits, and a training method that will lead us to perform incredible feats.


The Values

Solidarity, humility, dedication, ethics and satisfaction are some of the principles that lead us in the pursuit of excellence of building great moments that help us contribute to  a better world.



2018 NORCHA AR Champions : TEAM MOTUEKA 


Brent | Theo | Scott | Shannon


2016 NORCHA AR Champions : Raid Gallaecia Fridama