-What happens if my team wants to give up? You must follow the instructions and notify the organization., The team will be recovered and transported to the safe place.

 -Is there a refund of the registration fee? No

- When do we know the route stages to prepare the equipment? Gradually the list of required equipment will be sent, and later the available logistics plan that the organization assumes along the route.   "How does the rating system work?" The teams will be evaluated according to the Control Points (PC) and Transition Zones (T) they cross .. Only those that pass through the route will be classified, and by category.

- What happens if my team can not make the whole route?  All Teams have the opportunity to explore the route during the event period. However, there should be cuts. If the teams fail to reach those cuts, they will be invited to complete the event and be moved to a point closer to the goal.   -

- Can the teams continue on their own? Yes, but without the commitment of support by the organization for failing to comply with the instructions and program.