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In 2018 the Adventure began in Braga...

With over 2000 years of history, Braga is the oldest city in Portugal and one of the world’s oldest catholic cities.

Founded by the Romans in the year 16 b.C. and named “Bracara Augusta” in honor to the emperor Cesar Augusto.

Due to it’s history, Braga was dubbed as the “Portuguese Rome”, making it a point of interest for everyone.

It was the capital of Galécia, from where derived five Roman Roads, with a vast territory that went from the North of Douro to the Cantabrian.

The long history of Braga is visible in its monuments and churches museums, XVIII century historical Houses, gardens, parks and leisure spaces.

Braga presents places that, due to their intrinsic devotion and beauty, impose themselves as landmarks of obligatory reference and visit. The sanctuaries of Sameiro, Bom Jesus and Falperra, based on an appealing religious base, are surrounded by extasiantes green spaces and paradisiacal landscapes.

The ones who visit us have the possibility to attend a diversified touristic and cultural program, taking a civilizational route documented since the Prehistory to the current days and live the real Minho culture, engraved in the vast heritage.

A young, cosmopolitan and multicolor city, Braga shows with confidence a wide range of success and prosperity scenarios, extending its tutelary and entrepreneur arms to areas as vital as the culture, the commerce, industry and services.

Widely recognized for its dynamism, was recognized as the youngest city in Portugal as a percentage of its population. Braga has emerged internationally as one of the excellent examples in youth policies, conquering with this argument the titles of European Youth Capital 2012 and Ibero-American Youth Capital 2016, and now the European Capital of Sport in 2018.

Enjoy Braga! From here, go on a discovery to Gerês, to the North of Portugal and Galiza, but come back.. Come back because here you are near to everything.