The NORCHA is a multi-sport event where mixed teams of 4 elements have to travel approximately 450-500km in a maximum of 4 non-stop days.

This is a special edition, taking place in the north of Portugal crossing The LANDS of TRÁS-OS-MONTES.

The itinerary will only be revealed hours before the start of the race.

 General Schedule

Quick Facts 2020


Disciplines: Trekking & Running, Mountain Bike, Kayak, Ropes, SUP, Navigation / Orienteering, Swimming, Other surprises

Course open: 4 days

Team category: mixed teams of 4 members (priority);

                          teams of 3 members.

Number of teams: limited

Logistics: no support

Equipment Provided: Kayak and SUP

Required equipment: yes (ARES)

Qualification: (to be announced)

Total Prize: 1.250 €

Other prizes: sponsors' products.

Entry Requirements


The participants must:

- Be over 18 years of age

- Be familiar with all disciplines involved including ability to swim 50m+ or more for aquatic activities (remember you will also need to have a lifejacket)

- Have navigation skills and experience in outdoor activities

- Be physically fit and able to handle the requirements of the event

- Be properly equipped at all times

- Minimize the impact on the environment during the event respecting space and citizens

- Be responsible for you and your belongings

- Be prepared to follow the rules and conditions provided (with final details subject to adaptation).


NORCHA has insurance that covers the event, however, we always recommend to each team a personal insurance to cover all situations during the race. Our partners are some solutions for the teams. Contact us for more details.

During a race, each team will be monitored through GPS Live Tracking.